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Stanhope Centennial Event

Stanhope had its beginning as a small forge town in the late 18th Century and developed into a substantial iron-manufacturing community in the 19th Century. Stanhope remained part of Byram Township throughout the 19th Century and was incorporated as a Borough in 1904. In honor of the year 2004 marking the centennial of the incorporation of the borough, the Whistling Swan Inn is hosting an evening series of historical talks about the development of the area. The first in the series will be presented on Wednesday, May 12 from 7 to 8:30PM at the Inn, 110 Main St. in Stanhope.

The Morris Canal was an important transportation link for goods into upper Sussex County that extended through the center of Stanhope. The canal crossed Lake Musconetcong, paralleled Main Street, and descended Plane No. 2 West at the far side of town. Depots built on the banks of the canal handled merchandise and transformed Stanhope into the major outlet for canal goods. Today extensive remains of the canal in Stanhope are apparent.

Mr. Richard Cramond, a designated local historian, and 30-year member of the Roxbury Twp. Historical Society, will present a slide show and accompanying presentation about the history of the Morris Canal and its impact on the community of Stanhope. There will be slide photos of the canal in operation during the turn of the century with a special Stanhope selection. There will be a selection of literature and books as well as archival photos mounted for display.

There is no charge for admission, however, donations to the Canal Society will be accepted. Refreshments will be served by Innkeeper, Liz Armstrong, compliments of the Inn. Seating is limited; please call the Inn for reservations 973-347-6369.