Guest Comfort is #1

At the Whistling Swan Inn, our guests’ feedback shapes the way we do business. A comfortable guest experience is #1 on our priority list. The breakfast can be scrumptious, the linens exquisite and the room immaculate, but if the guest is not comfortable, he probably won’t stay with us again.

Recently we attended an industry conference sponsored by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) in Little Rock, AR. Held annually, the conference presents the latest and greatest on a wide variety of topics ranging from Internet presence to hosting elegant and romantic weddings at your inn.
One of the breakout workshops focused on what guests are looking for when they stay at bed and breakfast inns. Based on the survey results, most guests indicated that they did not necessarily want to sit a table in the morning and have to make conversation with strangers. They wanted choices.
Hmm, excuse the pun, but that was food for thought. By the time we’d arrived home from the airport, Tom and I had decided to reconfigure our dining room from its current state of a long table seating 10, to several smaller tables accommodating 2-4 guests. We’re happy to report that guest feedback, particularly from those who are regulars, is universally positive.
… and so the adventures continue… join us

Ros Bruno

The Whistling Swan Inn

110 Main Street
Stanhope, NJ 07874

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