Meet the Innkeepers

Audry and Everitt Burnett are the proud new owners of the Whistling Swan Inn. After raising six children, innkeepers Audry and Everitt Burnett wanted to fulfill the lifelong dream of owning and operating an inn. In the summer of 2022 the dream finally came to fruition. 

Audry and Everitt are certainly the heart of this warm and inviting inn. Audry prepares breakfast every morning, taking the utmost care to create each dish that is offered on the breakfast menu, including a favorite of her children’s – fresh sourdough from scratch! Parfaits are made fresh every day with seasonal fruits and homemade yogurt. Each guest is welcomed with sincerity and charm, elevating the experience of staying at the Whistling Swan Inn. 

A search for the perfect place for this next endeavor led to the Whistling Swan Inn, a beautifully restored Victorian mansion.

Owning the inn has provided the opportunity to combine creative talents of cooking, entertaining, home renovations, decorating, and to do what is loved the best: providing a memorable experience for guests!