Where Can I Buy Luxury Sheets?

In my previous corporate life, earning a living depended upon my ability to meet deadlines and exceed customer expectations. As the owner of the Whistling Swan Inn, my deadlines are largely self-imposed, but exceeding customer expectations definitely ranks #1 on my priority list.

Never in a million years did I dream I’d be writing about bed linens. After all, sheets are sheets, right? I used to think so, but now that earning my living is somewhat dependent upon my guests having a restful night’s sleep, my brand loyalty is with the Comphy Co. Located on the west coast, they sell fine bed linens exclusively to bed and breakfasts, spas and fine hotels.

So what makes them so great? Although they feel like luxury high-count cotton, they are actually made from a breathable micro-fiber, which means they dry quickly and you don’t have to iron them. They are also pre-treated to resist stains and are non-allergenic.

I’m thrilled when guests tell me they’ve never slept so well. When they want to know where they can buy the sheets, I’m even more thrilled, because that means they want replicate their Whistling Swan Inn experience at home.

The sheets come in a come in a variety of colors. As an FYI, the silver blue is more of a blue/green/grey tone. Sizes are California king, King, Queen, Full, Twin and Twin XL. 

Comphy sheets are not available for retail purchase, so if you would like a set of these exquisite linens, please give me a call or drop me an email. 

So why not pamper yourself? After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so isn’t worth it?


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5 thoughts on “Where Can I Buy Luxury Sheets?

  1. Hello. I’m located in East Brunswick, NJ. I was looking to order a set of king size Comphy sheets and extra pillowcases. (Specifically, one Standard King sheet set in Cream + one Queen & one Standard size pillowcase set in Cream) Would you be able to fulfill this order? I’d just like to confirm there’s no sales tax. And do you also offer free shipping? And finally approx how long would it take to receive the order?
    These are the only sheets I use and I’m always looking for the best way to refresh my home’s supply!
    I appreciate the assistance. Thank You – Dinah

  2. Bought a set of Comphy Queen Cream sheets awhile ago, knowing that my nephew was planning on proposing soon. Well, the proposal took a little while longer than everyone thought, AND their color scheme has changed!! I am trying to find a venue that uses/carries these sheets that would be willing to exchange this cream set for a white set. (they are new & never used!) (Comphy won’t accept returns without the receipt, and for the life of me I cannot find where I put it!) I am also trying to forego the S&H back & forth expense. I live in Oak Ridge….I see you are in Stanhope. Would you be willing to do this?
    (My friend Ann got married at your inn!!!!)

    • Hi Dorothy,
      Yes, I would be willing to make this exchange, however first I’ll need to order a white set from the Comphy Co. Strangely enough, I am planning on placing an order next week (week of February 12th). Once I have them, I will email you, and we can set up a time to make the exchange.

      Best regards,

  3. Ros……………..that is so great! I am thrilled! Once I have them, I can finally finish putting together the wedding shower gift basket for them! Please call me 973-208-6960 or email at the address below. You are a blessing!!!!

    Dot Flar

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