7 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Sussex NJ

It’s not too early to start planning a romantic getaway gift for Valentine’s Day. In fact, you could hint about your plans now and extend the excitement and anticipation of a special time with the one you love. To help with your planning we’ve created a list of 7 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day in Sussex, NJ.

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.”
— Plato

Plato writes such a romantic thought about the melody of love in your heart. Taking that extra care into planning a romantic getaway is sure to bring out the refrain in your loved one’s heart—one that blends perfectly with the verses of love in your heart.

Explore Antique Shops

Antique shopping is like a treasure hunt. They’re not just old things. They are treasured items from years past. You may find a toy you grew up with or something your parents or grandparents used when they were young. Another way to have a little fun while you shop is to make up stories about the owners of all the unique items you find. Who knows? You may also find something that you both treasure and will remind you of your special romantic getaway.

Visit a Local Winery

There are several wineries near Stanhope, NJ. Some have been around for decades and have been passed down the generations. Others are newer and use innovative techniques to make their wines. All of them are passionate about making fine wines and love to share their knowledge. Call in advance to schedule a wine tasting.

Go Ice Skating

You may enjoy a little fun and exercise by going to a local ice arena. The Sportscare Arena in Randolph is just a short distance away and has public skating. Tie up your skates and hold hands as you begin to glide across the ice—it may be as much so you won’t fall as to be romantic. Either way, it will be fun.

Twirl Around a Ballroom

There is romance in ballroom dancing. The two of you embraced in each other’s arms while swaying to the music is sure to stir the romance in your relationship. The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Roxbury, NJ offers dance lessons that will create special memories. Some of the most romantic ballroom dances include the Rumba, the Argentine Tango, the Waltz, and the Foxtrot—or any dance with the one you love in your arms.

Relax with a Spa Day

With all the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life, a spa day may be just what you need. Your day may include a couples’ massage, facials, or other spa treatments. They will help relax your body, calm your mind, and back in tune with your spirit.

Delight in Dinner Out

A quiet dinner and candlelight in a romantic atmosphere—what better way is there to spend an evening with the one you love? The Whistling Swan Inn has a special package—Be Mine—that includes a $50 gift certificate toward an evening dinner at one of these great locations: Black Forest Inn (5-min. drive, continental/light German) or Bell’s Mansion (2-min. drive, walking distance, Continental).

Stay at the Whistling Swan Inn

After a day out on the town then eating a delicious dinner together, relax with a luxurious stay at the Whistling Swan Inn. The history of the inn itself starts with a love story. You’ll receive a warm welcome, a comfy room, and wake up to a sumptuous breakfast. Planning your getaway will be easy with our list of 7 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day in Sussex, NJ. Check availability.

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